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  1. This is the headphones that many recording engineers swear by. Great for recording musicians as well as DJs. Well balanced sound, and very durable. Every part of this headphone can be replaced, therefore it can last a lifetime even with intensive usage. Also comes with : - new velour replacement earpads (original sennheiser) - soft case bag - 1/4' adapter Please see this link for pictures and contact : https://carousell.com/p/35345115 Selling because too many headphones. Brand new price is at least $350. Selling for $220. Thanks for viewing!
  2. In great condition. Worthy upgrade for HD25 users who want over-ear for better isolation. The HD8 has better highs and tighter bass than the HD7. I had both, compared it 1-to-1 It is great for portable use because of its collapsible size, but doesn't sacrifice quality. It's made to last with its all metal hinges and housing. Very solid build quality. The cable and ear pads are all replaceable so this can is a value-for-money long term investment. Comes with: - original box - coiled cable - brand new (sealed) straight cable - brand new pleather ear pads - 1/4 Jack adapter The headphone has some very light scratches. Please see picture and contact here : https://carousell.com/p/34921386/ Brand new from Jaben: $500+ Selling for $380 Selling because too many headphones. Thanks for viewing!
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