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  1. Hi all, The thin layer of foam covering the drivers of my trusty old HD600s finally ripped. My ears stick out and rub against the drivers, and it hurts without the foam lining. I'm reluctant to fork out $70+ USD for a set of replacement velour pads and foam. Anyone knows where I can get replacement for some DIY? thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I've tried numerous brands of ear-buds in the last ten years, and they rarely last more than a year before I lose sound in one side. Brands I've tried - Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Crossroads, Audiotechnica, and most recently a pair of Sennheiser sports buds. They lasted barely 8 months. I really would like a rugged pair that can last 2 or more years, sound quality is not important as I mostly listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Comfort is number one criteria, followed by ruggedness. Any advice?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for either active noise canceling or true isolating earbuds. I've tried so-called isolating buds (like Sony EX71) but they don't work that well in noisy environments like on a plane or a hawker center. Here's my criteria - 1. Music reproduction not an issue - I listen to audiobooks and podcasts only. Which is why sound isolation is critical - every word counts. 2. Comfort and ease of wearing. Easy to put in and take out of my ears. 3. Size. Prefer not to have a large battery unit, but not a critical issue. 4. Price. Less than $150 if possible Any options in the market?
  4. Hi guys. I'm using my headphones for both music and dvds. Unfortunately the headamp only has 1 set of inputs. What is the most convenient way to switch between the cd and dvd player without sacrificing audio quality? 2nd question - my dvd player is connected via hdmi to the tv. Does it matter much (in terms of audio quality) for watching movies If I just plug the headphones (senn hd-600) to the tv headphone jack? I've watched dvds this way and they sounded perfectly ok. But last night I tried watching a movie on mio-TV and it sounded awful. Had to crank up the volume like crazy, no bass, and dialogue was very soft. Must be the poor quality of the source. thanks in advance!
  5. I bought an Icute headphone amplifier 2 months ago, and hardly used it (maybe only once a week). Last night upon plugging in my HD600s, I could only get sound from the right side. If I pull out the headphone jack halfway, I get sound from the left side. I'm disappointed with the product. The headphone jack should be designed to be very lasting as you will plug in and plug out very frequently! How could it fail so quickly?
  6. haha! The upgrade cycle never ends, does it? I like Headfi's motto - welcome to Headfi, sorry about your wallet. Cable is a low priority at the moment. I should probably change my source first, as I'm still using a Denon universal player, the 2910. I used to own the NAD C542 but sold it off to finance something else. Now regretting that decision and wish I had it back. I'm also feeling the itch to buy more CDs now. It was so awesome using the HD600 (and the Icute amp) for the first time. My first high-end headphones, and my first dedicated headamp. Was using my HT receiver (+ DT 931s) previously and they just cannot compare. I actually got off the sofa and started dancing in the living room (with the lights off!). Some old favourites brought tears to my eyes, and I fell in love with my music collection all over again
  7. Agree with all your points, the HD600 just simply sounds better than the DT990 and marginally better than the DT880. I bought the HD600 eventually.
  8. I joined in 2003, was active for a while then stopped in 2004/5 when I was busy with my second child and work. Only came back last month and started posting again. Seems like a lot of the old guys have disappeared? Ramiesh? Mackie? I bought my first set of Beyers from him, very friendly guy. Then I see some threads here and there about some controversy with Jaben, but I don't what the full story is. Anyone want to enlighten me or point me to where I can get the story?
  9. I'm looking for a specific classical recording, tried Gramaphone and Roxy Music but they don't have it. Any other shops in Singapore with a good selection of classical music CDs?
  10. My Beyer DT931s come with a 1/4" jack, so I connected it to an adapter before plugging into the Firestone Icute amp. There was a lot of static, and the sound was mono. But when using the exact same adapter on the Sennheiser HD-600, it sounded perfectly ok. Why is that so? Now I'm afraid to buy another 1/4" to 1/8" adapter in case the same thing happens again. Anyone has advice?
  11. Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting tube headphone amps, but read online about over-heating issue? My setup is not in an air-conditioned room, and I plan to put the amp inside a HT cabinet. I can't leave it out in the open otherwise my children will touch it and possibly break the tubes. So do you reckon I can leave the amp inside an enclosed space? What is the worse thing that could happen? I estimate that maximum I will use the amp for 3-4 hours at one go.
  12. I'm still new at this, so please don't flame me. Just wanted to share some feelings about both phones. I started out auditioning the Senn HD555, then DT770 and DT150. Finally tried out the DT880 and it was my favourite of the bunch. The music felt light and airy, very clear definition, smooth vocals, not overly bright. On a whim, I thought of comparing it with the HD600 since it was roughly the same price, and HD650 was not available for testing. The song used for testing was Diana Krall's Look of Love. Wow, a huge difference in character! Once I heard the HD600, I couldn't go back to DT880. To be fair, the vocals are a bit harsher on the senns, but the music just seems more alive and impactful. In comparison, the 880s felt boring. Especially when it came to the piano solo - on the hd600 each note felt distinct and the piano solo stood out. The first time I heard the song on the DT880 I didn't even notice the piano solo, it just felt like part of the background music. The notes kind of blended together. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? Tomorrow I need to bring more CDs to Jaben for testing, maybe some pop, rock and classical too.
  13. Are the grey Beyer earpads washable? I bought a DT931 from Mackie 4 yrs ago, and the grey color is now closer to brown. I'm thinking of just dumping the ear pads into the washing machine, but afraid of what might happen. Anyone tried washing their earpads before? The cans still sound great though, lusher and less harsh compared to when I first bought them. The weak point for me is the bass. Anyone still using DT931 in the forum here? I also just ordered a set of 2mth-old Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 noise cancelling phones from headfi at US$90 (shipped to my bro in the US). What a steal! Mostly for use when I travel, but I wonder how it will compare to the DT931 at home?
  14. Both the sponge on my beyer and philips headphones have torn off, and now the white driver is exposed. Also very uncomfortable to wear. If you look at the attached pic, I'm talking about the center portion. Any suggestions on where I can get replacements in Singapore?
  15. Not the wireless kind, but those that come with battery powered speaker units. You know, the type that sales promoters wear when doing demonstrations in shopping malls and markets? The speaker is clipped to the belt and the mic is hooked over the ear. Anyone knows where I can get something like this, and roughly how much will it cost? Below $50 can get?
  16. My new car's sound system has an aux input jack, using the standard headphone connector type. If I want to connect my ipod to the aux, where can I buy the cable cheaply? I just need a typical male headphone jack on each end. Any place in Funan that may sell? I work just next door to funan so that would be the most convenient place.
  17. Anyone knows if other places like Harvey Norman or Best Denki sell the replacement earbuds? Stereo's shop is really too far from my place of work/residence. Apparently the MD-33 uses the same size buds as audio technica and sony.
  18. Lost one of my sharp MD-33 earbuds when it got yanked out of my ear due to the wire getting caught in someone's bag. Anyone knows where I can get a replacement bud? The whole earphone is not usable without that special earbud, very wasted.
  19. use Vpostusa. The seller will ship to a US addr, and vpostusa will charge you a fee to ship the item to singapore. The fee depends on how much the item costs, I believe.
  20. Any shops in Adelphi or Funan that sell the higher-end Audio-technica phones? I know Harvey Norman sells the cheaper ones, but I'm looking for the CM7 or CM7Ti.
  21. I did further testing at home and these are the findings... 1. Copied the mp3 file to my pocket PC and used the sharp MD33 earphones to test. Same crackling sound at the same point of the song. So eliminated the ipod as a problem. 2. Listened to the mp3 on the PC with the MD33 earphones, same crackling sound at same point. 3. Listened to the CD where I ripped from on the PC, using the MD33, same crackling sound at same point. So at this point I'm beginning to suspect the problem lies with either the earphones or the CD. I put the CD into my Denon player and listen to the song with my Beyers - NO CRACKLING SOUND! Unfortunately I don't have an adapter to test the MD33 on my amp or to test the beyers on the Ipod. Did some further reading on other forums and some people have suggested that it could be an impedance mismatch between the ipod and the earphones. Anyone can shed some light on this? I don't know if I should buy a new set of earphones or not.
  22. I've been hearing a crackling sound over my Sharp MD-33s recently when playing music in my ipod. The mp3s are encoded at 192 kbps. The crackling sounds a bit like static, and sounds like the music is breaking up, especially in louder sections of songs. However, I don't get it with all songs. Initially I thought that maybe the earphones were spoilt from sweat (because I used them in the gym frequently), so I tested another set of generic earphones on the same song in the ipod. I still get the crackling sound, although less obvious. So does that mean that the fault is with the ipod?
  23. Well, my sharp MD-33 earphones are getting spoilt after I used them at the gym. On a lot of songs I hear static-like sounds, especially in louder sections. Any recommendations for ear-buds or canal phones (<$100)? My ears are a little small and I prefer in-ear phones (comfort wise) like the Sony EX71 and the MD33. Normal earphones are ok too if they aren't too big. At Hung Bros I saw a lot of audio-technica earbuds pretty cheap, ranging from $18 to $70+. Are they any good? On a sidenote, do you guys use earphones in the gym? How to prevent them from spoiling?
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