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  1. hi everyone, haven't looked at IEMs [and visited the forum] for a long time am thinking getting a IEM with a mic for a android smartphone, any suggestions? my last purchase was a westone um2, is there something in that range? i presume that models compatible with iphones will not work on android, correct? cos apple deliberate chose a different arrangement to the rest of the world... thanks in advance
  2. evo

    IEM for rock

    super exceeded... tested the sf5 & atrio, but felt there was no significant improvement over my ep630 (maybe i didn't get a good fit) then tried sf5pro & um2, definitely can hear an improvement didn't like the sf5pro form factor (memory wire, plus stick out from ears too much) btw, the sansa clip sounds great
  3. evo

    IEM for rock

    hi ppl, fyi, tested both sf5 & atrio, and also the sf5 pro but i got the um2 instead... also bought a 4GB clip
  4. evo

    IEM for rock

    thanx for the recommendations think i will audition super.fi 5 & atrio...
  5. evo

    IEM for rock

    hi all, have been MIA from sgheadphones for quite a while... currently using creative ep-630 (bought it to replace my spoilt e2c when i was jobless) with an old Pocket PC (HP RX4240) now that i'm working (since Oct 08), my hands have been itching to get something better for the daily MRT grind to and from work... music that i listen to: j-rock (e.g. luna sea, dir en grey), rock (e.g. muse, radiohead). any IEM suggestions? looking at budget of about $250... p.s. also thinking of buying sandisk sansa clip... but seems 8GB model not yet available in Singapore? thanx in advance for advice...
  6. evo

    Radio Waves

    wat about malaysian channels? listen to red104.9 (92.8FM in singapore) sometimes, but they are a shadow of their past...miss all the defunct rock radio stations...104.5, 103.7, 90.1... singapore's ria 89.7 is not bad (listen to their sunday 9pm rock show), but me don't understand the language, so just listen to the music, sometimes don't know what song title and artist...
  7. hi all, have been absent for a while...thinking of upgrading from my Shure E2C Anything new in the market? I was considering E4C a few months ago... will be using it unamped with a Iriver U10...
  8. don't get mad, get even http://www.iras.gov.sg/ESVPortal/gst/gst_c...nd+services.asp
  9. dear all, does anyone know where is the iriver service centre in sg? iriver's website seems to be silent on this...
  10. u need to know that shops know that u are asking around for the cheapest price...2 consequences, some shops give a low price to entice u, later say need to pay extra for this extra for that, some will very sianz to entertain u, give u a high price as they want to sell other less popular products i asked 2 shops for iriver u10 [1GB] a few months ago, got quoted S$400 plus, and heng i didn't buy on the spot, i went to the PC show [happening during the same time], searched for 2 days [couldn't find the small shop on the first day] and bought it for S$369 the moral of the story...do your research b4 purchase, not after...so many stories of people asking "i bought ABC for S$xxx, is that expensive?" there is no law saying that a company can charge u a high price, u have to "huo4 bi3 san1 jia1" [compare prices among 3 shops before purchase]. but it is wrong for a company to charge u extra when they quoted u a lower price earlier CONSUMER PROTECTION (FAIR TRADING) ACT SECOND SCHEDULE SPECIFIC UNFAIR PRACTICES 8. Charging a price for goods or services that is substantially higher than an estimate provided to the consumer, except where the consumer has expressly agreed to the higher price in advance. http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/
  11. i had the same problem, music by design can change the whole cable [from headphones to mini plug] for a reasonable price, the new cable is more flexible than the original also, less prone to twist...
  12. i suggested that to my company, but my office a bit not so tech savvy, i'm currently using my personal iriver u10 to record, actually very easy...
  13. hi everyone, need some help my office needs a audio system to record some radio programmes for archive purposes. many portable mp3 players have the ability to record FM radio, but i'm finding it quite difficult to find a "mini hifi" with such a function. any suggestions? the closest i can find are some of the DAB models [e.g. Pure Evoke-3], but these record only DAB, and on MP2 format [very sian to convert every file from mp2 to mp3]
  14. sorry ah, u are a bit vague, what functions u looking for? fm radio? memory size? recording functions? drag & drop? battery options? i suppose a flash player is more within your price range e.g. apple ipod shuffle, iriver t10, iaudio u3 [haven't heard them, but they received quite good reviews online] as for headphones, i would recommend the "plug-type", more isolating for external use e.g. shure e2c, sharp md33 etc u also have to consider how to split your budget between player & headphones...
  15. evo


    a friend just told me about the website below www.pandora.com key in your favorite artist, and it will try to play similar songs quite cool
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