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  1. how is your div 4p->4s cable? maybe i can buy from u also :-)
  2. What can be found in SG is sony mdr ds5100.
  3. In my case my Sony EJ1000 PCDP's line out is outputing 0.7V. It is slightly louder if as rameish said the norm is 0.6V
  4. First a little intro of myself: I am a pretty new head-fier. My initial interest in head-fi arised from the discovery of how the higher end earbuds (e888, ex70) were superior to my stock pcdp earbud. Then I discovered the eye-opening head-fi forum. Now I am fully convinced that investing in a moderate source, a dedicated head-amp and a fairly a high-end headphone is the cheapest way for more than decent sound. :-) Since I value portability, I has been eyeing on the airhead/total airhead/porta corda II to be my first head-amp for quite sometime. I was reluctant to buy online and I was happy to know I could try out at rameish's place before purchasing. I find the porta corda suits my current portable/home need with marked performance improvement (against without a delicated head-amp :-) ). The improvement is noticable in the tighter bass and better resolution with my HD590. There is also a switchable crossfeed function that seems to reduce my fatigue for extended listening. The effect varies across my CDs and headphones but it does make the sound generally more natural. (A side track: Don't you think that cans like my HD590 have some crossfeed by design that they are so open? :-p ) The porta corda is also quite a configurable device and let the end-user choose its battery consumption by choosing between class A or class AB operation and choosing whether the "on" LED should be connected. Personally I prefer my device to perform the best it could and have the porta corda switched to class A operation though according to the menual it halves batter life. Another more troublesome "configuration" for the porta corda is to attach it to AC power supply and change the supply voltage. This involves buying a regulated AC-DC adapter, soldering the fitting plug to the power-supply and drilling a hole at the porta corda. It was less troublesome for me because Rameish is happy to do the drilling and soldering for his customer. (Thanks, Rameish. :-) ) The configurations cannot make quantum jumps in sound improvement. Personally I need to be attentive to hear the improvement with class A operation and 15volt of input voltage. For home use I won't mind saving battery power and pumping in extra voltage into my porta corda from the AC socket. One interesting accessory that come with the porta corda is a 120ohm adaptor. I guess this is a similar device as the Etymotic 4P to 4S adaptor (that is 80ohm though). I spent quite some time trying it out and comparing the effect with and without the adaptor. I think it generally produces warmer sound but with slight reduction in resoltion. I prefer it with both my HD590 and Etymotic 4P. A note on the service of Rameish: I would say it is great. In total I think I have taken 8 hours of Rameish time for selling me the Porta Corda: 5 hours auditioning the porta corda before the purchase and 3 hours to do the soldering, drilling and let me do somemore listening afterwards. A nice guy to talk to and learn from for a head-fi newbie like me too. I find that the porta corda is a keeper that even I when I upgrade to a real home headphone system in the (unforseeable :-) ) future I shall still retent my porta corda for portable use. Meanwhile, I have had enough of equipment purchase. Let me enjoy the music.
  5. The first possibility that comes to my mind is MX500. But first would you please elaborare on your requirement? Do you only consider headphones only or a good earbud is also acceptable? What kind of music do you listen more? Do you mind sound leaking out? Do you want more isolation?
  6. Ryan

    Ready for W1000

    Yes I am the second person to listen to a W1000 in Singapore.
  7. list price at Hung Brothers: etymotic 4S/P S$595 4P to 4S converter S$125 Senheisser HD590 S$361 At 3rd floor Plaza Singapura (Can't remember shop name but quite a complete set of Senheisser headphones) Senheisser HD600 S$499
  8. Thanks. I think I have gotten used to it pretty fast. Sound great. I somewhat cure the microphonic problem by forming the cable as a loop round my ear before inserting.
  9. I think it's OK to tell, right? ting, a nice gentleman. Cheers
  10. I live in the East. So I go to the Tampines Cash Converter quite often. Got a ATH-M40fs with quite a bargain price
  11. Hi all, I am new to head-fi. Here are my current humble setups: desktop source: sony PCDP D-T405 amp: a SRS processor + headphone amp called BIT88 phone: HD590 portable source: sony PCDP D-EJ1000 amp: Porta Corda MKII phone: ATH-M40fs/HD212pro/MDR-E888/EX70
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