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  1. Greetings! [Note: Please see the "Feedback & Past Sales" section below to see my past sales records] For sale is my classic HD600 package plus the now rare Oehlbach cable! This is the no-longer-produced black silk-screened version which has a slightly darker and warmer sound (and to my ears, is slightly more bassy as a result) than the metal-screened version. Also keep in mind that lots of the more experienced and prominent head-fiers who still praise the HD600 are likely to have based their past impressions on this earlier version of the phone. Admittedly though, differences between the old and new are not huge. Besides the usual stuff like the box with serial number sticker, papers and stock cable, I've also included a new pair of foam pads as well as a new pair of ear pads/cushions which themselves also include another pair of foam pads in the packet... (see pictures) Both are original parts from Sennheiser and are unused or sealed, respectively. They did not come cheap, but I'm including them in the package. The benefit of this is that you can hear what the HD600 sounds like with worn-in pads and compare them to how they sound with the new pads which will not yet have softened and which will therefore place the drivers further from your ears and thus producing a different balance of sound. Best of both worlds! Also included is an Oehlbach cable that will fit the HD600/650. This cable is rare and was available through Dr. Jan Meier of Meier Audio and when compared to the competition back then (Cardas, Equinox etc...), it was described as easily being a match for them or just a matter of taste as to which you preferred. It definitely opens up the sound-stage and produces a smoother sound than the stock cable. However, the stock cable has more grain and is more closed-in or intimate sounding, so it's again a matter of taste. The cable is in good condition though some of the gold plating from the 1/4 inch TRS connector has worn off, but this will not affect sound quality and there is no oxidation or anything of that sort. It was one of the best cables you could get for your HD600s. Don't know why production of it stopped. As for the phones themselves: This was my first open-ended-headphone purchase and has been lovingly cared for. However, some of the black paint on the grills has been worn off due to me often using the headphone while lying on a pillow. My guess is that the cloth of the pillow rubbing against the grills caused some abrasion or enough friction to rub some of the black paint off. (See pictures) A black marker will easily disguise the missing black paint on the grills and it's just a matter of time before such grills suffer from paint wearing off anyway so you might as well let me suffer the financial loss and sell them to you for cheap or you could buy new grills if it bothers you that much! That brings me to the next good thing about the HD600 that you may already know: It's fully modular and anything that wears out or degrades can easily be replaced (even by the user) unlike some competing phones like the Philips X1 or similar. Other than that though, it's in excellent condition and has no dents and has suffered no impacts or anything of that sort. The HD600s are built to last and in this package, you have everything you need to keep it that way. The drivers themselves have also never been abused because I listen at relatively low volumes and only about once a week even when I first got them due to time constraints. I haven't been listening to them for the past few years though and so I'm putting them up for sale. I'm only selling them because I prefer a very dark sound, but the HD600 is still my best all-rounder phone and very easy to enjoy across multiple genres. One of may favourite 'fun' partnerships with the 600s is with an 18V bass-boosted cMoyBB V2.03 from JDS Labs. Not the most neutral, but bloody fun, with a full sound and a more punchy bass than my reference LCD-2 rig! Definitely a more lively, yet neutral combo than the HD650 IMHO. Shipping: I'm located in Singapore, but am willing to ship overseas and might even subsidize some of the shipping cost. Please contact me for a quote [update: NOW SHIPPING FOR FREE TO CONUS, UK, MOST PARTS OF EUROPE, ASIA PACIFIC ETC! E-mail me if you want confirmation!] or if you have any more questions to ask like my impressions or if you'd just like to learn more about the hobby! I'd be glad to help. Contact: It's best to e-mail me at gmail where my user-name is "pureiridium". If you're in Singapore, you can also reach me on my mobile at 8123-9701. Feedback & Past Sales: Finally, if you're worried about my lack of feedback, well it's because I've not really sold anything on Head-Fi before. At least not that I can remember! At this point, I've just been hoarding stuff in my more than 10 years on these forums and so it's time I sell some stuff. I go under the same user name at CandlePowerForums.com have done thousands of dollars of sales over there. My past sales threads there are as linked below. Besides the user name being the same, you can see that the contact e-mail address at those sales threads is the same as listed in this sales thread. To be extra sure, please e-mail me anyway as that is preferable to PMs: http://www.cpfmarket...p-Polarion-PH50 http://www.cpfmarket...&highlight=isgp http://www.candlepow...f-M61N-SHO-ISGP http://www.cpfmarket...-anywhere!-ISGP http://www.candlepow...ted-isgp-214151 Other Items for Sale: I also have a pair of -10dB RCA Rothwell Attenuators: http://www.head-fi.o...ldwide-shipping If you've got a source that puts out too high a voltage or an amp which has too much gain, something like this is what you need. Good day! 1-00054 (resized).bmp 2-00052 (resized).bmp 2-00055 (resized).bmp 3-00056 (resized).bmp
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