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farle overcharges headphones

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complain to CASE if it true




I think must pay to be CASE member first before can complain. Nothing is for free in SG, only sgheadphones. :grin:


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Guest dragonboy

I don't understand why u paid $250 for the earphones in the first place .... moreover without trying? If that's the case, get ready your receipt and go to case. For the big price diff, its worth it to kick up a big fuss.


If u don't have the receipt...... your credibility will definitely be in doubt. :think:

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just happened to stumble into this forum... and will like to share my experience with Farle (shop from Funan Centre). I recently discovered that I was overcharged too for a Denon Iphone Compatible earphones that retailed for SGD139 and I paid SGD199 for it. The Sales person even sell to to me that this after a SGD20 discount. I have the invoice to prove it.


I should have checked the Recommended Retail price from Denon Website before purchasing it.


BTW, after the 1st purchase, I have also asked for the price of Nakamichi earphones.. HMV was retailing at SGD79 and Farle quoted SGD129. I took down the model number to be sure that they are the same.


Lesson learnt here.. just want to let other consumers be wary of this shop.


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