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Looking for high-end audio setup

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Hi All!


I am interested in upgrading my audio set-up. Basically this is what I have right now:


Space Audio 2.0 Satellite Speakers

JBL Power20 Amplifier

KOK Subwoofer - 16Hz - 160Hz, 6.5", 30W (RMS) 60W (Max)

ASUS Xonar Essence STX


I want to sell my amp, subwoofer and satellite speakers and upgrade to something better. My budget is a maximum of SGD 1000 (bear in mind I am hoping to get something back for trading in).


I have a very varied listening taste, however I would plan on using this system for mainly rock, pop and hip-hop. So, a high end subwoofer would be good. The room I am in is not very big, but I would like to get something that would work in the future if I were to move into a bigger room.


Bear in mind this system is primarily for music listening but as it is attached to my computer, it should be reasonably decent for gaming and movies (but these are less of a priority).


Is there any more information needed?


Thanks, and recommend away!


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These are the speakers I have: http://www.spaceaudioinc.com/prod3.htm. I don't have teh sub woofer shown in the picture.


The specifications of the speakers are: 150 watts and frequency range is 200hz-18khz.


What do you think? Are these good enough speakers? I thought about it and I really only want to upgrade my sub woofer as the speakers SOUND good to me and I don't want to throw money away just like that.

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