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want to rewire shure se420

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hi bros, as above, can anyone help, would be willing to pay for the service, have the wires splitting out of the earphones, i am located in sg, thanks


the tricky part here, is to break open the shell without breaking anything, and place it back nicely


someone did 530, but it wasnt perfect after the shell is assembled

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hi, i dont mind if the repair is not perfect, if the earphone remains usable....will pay for the repair, can anyone help?? thanks


ehh who will take the risk for you....


you think properly to open up the shell, is like opening a walnut


why not you try opening yourself, and if a success, you may ask someone to replace cable for you.

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Possible quick, dirty solution to split cables - heat-shrink tape. Not a perfect solution like heat shrink tubing, but it should* hold up for a while.


* disclaimer: haven't tried it out personally. Attempt at your own risk.

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