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the official "Post your setup thread"

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Cool, your amp actually has the blue LED inside as opposed to my amber one. Nice contrast with the glowing tubes.

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wow, av98m

what sort of mods did you do to the DT880? i thought its single-sided cable.

& how come there are 2 XLRs out from the amp?




Mod edit: Try to refrain from making discussion on this thread as its meant to be a showcase of our members' systems. The entire adventure of av98m cans and amp was discussed in an earlier thread. Please do a search for it. Include av98m as contributor to narrow the search.

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Just realized that very few people have had the privilege of even seeing my actual setup in action. Lol..

Well.. Here it is:


user posted image



The dog is as mandatory for improved sonics as putting a Pavane stone or putting blu-tak on a crystal that looks like a blue box cap. Enjoy!

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Hi all,


here's my budget Headphone, Stereo and HT System in a small Bedroom:



Headphone setup


Philips CD950 CDP

Philips CDC-935 5 Disc-changer

Original Headmaster Headamp

BeyerDynamic DT990 Headphone




Source: Project 2.9 Wood TurnTable w/Clearaudio Classic Cart



Preamp: Clearaudio Basic Phono Stage

Conrad Johnson PV12L

DIY 5687 Pre


Poweramp: 2 x Electrocompanient Ampliwire 100


Speakers: AE 2 on Genesis 18" stand


Accessories: Magnet LC-1 Line Conditioner

Merbau Boards for CDP, Pres and TT

DIY Powercords for all equipment

QED Silverspiral Genesis interconnects for TT -> Phono

QED Silverspiral Genesis interconnects for Phono -> Pre

Ecosse Maestro MA2 interconnects for CDP -> Pre

2 pairs DIY interconnects for Pre -> Powers

2 pairs QED Silverspiral Genesis Speaker Cables for spks


Home Theater


Main: Shinco DVD-8300

Marantz SR-4400

BGW 8000 Stereo poweramp for front channel

Wharfedale WH-series surround and center speakers

AE 2 front speakers (sharing with stereo)

REL Strata 2 subwoofer


Cables: QED Qunex 2 for receiver -> power

Canare 2s8F for surround and center speakers

Canare 4s11F for front speakers

DIY powercords for all equipment


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My current setup:


2 channel stereo:

Philips DVD 963SA

Thorens TD 124 turntable, SME 3009 tonearm, Koetsu Urushi cartridge, Koetsu Step up transformer, Custom built tube phono stage

AES SE1 Amp running 2A3 tubes

Sonic Frontiers SFL2 preamp

Triangle Celius speakers

Cabling Harm Tech Pro 11s, Kimber KCAG, custom built interconnects


Headphones setup:

Rotel RCD 971 player

Sennheiser HD600

Custom built headphone amp


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Here's my cans setup (home theatre and speakers setups omitted for relevance):


Main system:

- Marantz SA8260 sacd/cd player

- Electrocompaniet EMC1 cd player

- Musical Fidelity A3CD cd player

- Audiovalve RKV MKII tube head amp

Accessories: AudioPrism Foundation 1 power conditioner, MAS power master power cord, Tara Labs RSC Decade interconnect, Goldmund cones & Black Diamond Racing cones.


Bedroom system:

- Marantz PMD-321 Professional cd player

- Hefei Xiangsheng 708A tube head amp

- Stax SRS-2020 Basic II earspeakers with SRm-212 amp

Accessories: Modified Belden 83802 with earth wire & Canare L4E-6S interconnects.


Portable system

- Panasonic SL-CT790 pcdp

- Panasonic SL-CT720 pcdp


- Stax SR-001

Accessories: Audio Industries wooden cone & DIY mini-mini interconnect.



- Koss KSC35

- Koss KSC75

- Sony MDR-70EX

- Sony MDR-V6

- Philips HP890

- Grado SR80

- BeyerDynamic DT-150

- BeyerDynamic DT-880

- BeyerDynamic DT-990

- BeyerDynamic DT-440

- Sennheiser HD650

- Stax SRS-2020 Basic II


Details on home theater and main speakers systems can be found here:



user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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My puny setup: tongue.gif


Home/Portable: Sony D-311/Sony D-465 --> Koss Ksc-75

user posted image




edit: updated

Edited by Blues

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My chilin out corner :

user posted image



My headphones and some toys from my childhood days:

user posted image



Hifi and headphone setup:


user posted image



My cd and dvd collection. Though this pic is not too up to date. Have added some more titles


user posted image



Home theater setup : (might consider getting the logitech digtal 5500 when I visit my sis in australia, year end. gotta get them there since it's not approved in singapore. Interested in them cause of the bass power at a steal! haha)

user posted image



My computer rig, was thinking of upgrading the soundcard to an audigy 2zs.

user posted image

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