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Smooth/Lounge jazz CDs?

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Where do you get them? I think there was this shop (was it the Roxy shop?) in Adelphi that sold pretty good jazz recordings by Venus Records.


Feel like getting at least one quartet (piano + bass + percussion + sax) with great-sounding sax. The one the shop owner recommended me back then had this piercing sounding sax (it was written tenor sax on the album I think) out of my ESW9 and the shop CDP.


Any other good places and any CDs or compilations to recommend? Thanks.


Not the upbeat kind of jazz that would get you awake but the relaxing kind - I bought a particular CD on impulse when I heard it through the shop's tube amp but when I got home, turns out a lot of the pieces are too upbeat/energetic...

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Sometimes these recordings are best suited playing on hi-fi sets rather than headphones.


Even this piece from d*ck Hyman also sounded better on my home set instead on the portable!



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The best place for jazz is still New Disc Village and Roxy Music at Adelphi. Most are US pressed with a small collection of Japan pressed while the rest are the typical audiophile chinese vocal. Those shops usually focus on those with good recording or in high demand. Another new discovery is Memphis Music at basement 1 Excelsior Hotel which has the best price in town though collection is limited, but you can just place order with a small deposit. Majority of his CD is US pressed.


These are some of the highly essential and also my favorite. I've some of them in multiple formats: CD, SACD, XRCD, LPCD, SHMCD, LP & etc.


1. Jazz at the Pawnshop

2. Time Out / The Dave Brubeck Quartet

3. Soular Energy / The Ray Brown Trio

4. Waltz for Debby / Bill Evans Trio

5. Somethin' Else / Cannonball Adderly

6. Misty / Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio

7. Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section

8. A Love Supreme / John Coltrane

9. 'Round Midnight / Jaime Valle

10. Just Friends / The L.A. Four (very hard to find now)

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