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Tube Amps for Grado 325is

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Please recommend me a tube amp to go with Grado 325is.


I'm thinking of getting the LD MKIV SE.


But read on Internet that LD MK I+ will do the job.


Not sure what is the sonic difference between hybrid and full tube design.


Any experts to throw some light?

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hybrid is a SS + tube stage.

It has the tube biasing for the sound but the robustness of the SS.


this maybe cheaper for most people to have as it's cheaper to make a full SS than a tube power amp. (Tubes need a good transformer and a high voltage one)


The sonic difference is that you get the mids of the tubes yet the highs and lows of the SS.


Personally after hearing a full tube setup, the hybrid can pass off if you do not know what full tube amps sound like - Pre and power..


If you've heard a full tube setup, you will never compromise or have a hard time reconciling the SS and the tube sound because it sounds quite unnatural - the SS tends to over power the tubes.


Personally I've heard the LD and I don't like it, it is too weak to drive some cans fully.

For tubes, the bigger the tubes are the better it sounds - hence most highend hifi sets are using at least the 300b for their monoblocs.

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