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Monster beats by dre? Is it a real?

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i have just browsed the topic and replaies here.i am not happy.

i was planing do not say anything ,but finally ,i decide to write some words here.

i am in china,and i am professional to sell headphones and earphones.

i do business for many years..many years honestly do business with buyers from UK USA EUROPEN,and so on.


in china.a earphonr sells price about 50-150USD. it must be 2 reasons:

1.it is a famous brand!

2..the earphone is really very good quality.perfect sound.

those 2 are very important!!


COPY???GENUINE?? it does not matter.i am familiar of chinese market.

why i said those 2 reason are important?

in china,some cheap NIKE shoses sell price at 3USD.NIKE is a famous brand.

and,i was some times go to trusted supplier to buy good quality shoes.price at about 30USD(above 190RMB) but quality is better than NIKE brand.just because no brand.


in china, i can get cheapest earphone price at $0.05USD.If i make a LOGO beats by dre on it,i can sell price at 50USD?? it looks funny and impossible.


do not always only thinking that they are fakes. a headphone price at about 100USD in china,i am 120% certain the quality is OK.it will not let you disappoint.


any way,we all know how much the price of studio from beats by dr dre official website

you may buy from official shop if you like.


If you want know more,please send me mesage,or search my information from internet.


thank you!



alamakazam Posted 3 May 2011, 12:25 PM

I tried the fake studio, true is muffled, noisy, very very boomy bass


if the real thing sound like this, $600 is wasted... a normal $100 headphone can easily owned it



i like U

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1.it is famous brand.

2.the sound feeling is perfect.very good quality!


worth?or not?

just depend on your choice.

you choose brand? or choose the quality.



you can buy genuine ,you can buy a high copy,and you can buy some other brand also.


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