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O2 Headphone Amp (teaser)

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Just got mine and great, I'm only wondering if I should upgrade NJM2068D amp chip for NE5532AP, been told at standard gains it has lower distortion but since I'm not at all an electro technician, need feed back. I'm basically using the amp with Ultrazone Pro 900. Since I also have two cMoy v2.03, I'm thinking of upgrading actual chip on one with NE5532AP if it fits and sound...better?

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according to the BOM of nWavguy, NE5532AP is noisier as tested by him


but im unable to testify

im currently using mine with low power opamps as stated by nWavguy bom

OPA2277PA, TLE2062CP

said to have more noise and distortion


it is slightly more noisier but almost inaudible when in use,

distortion is also not noticeable


i can only suggest that u try

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