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WTS : O2 Headphone Amplifier (Last Batch) - $160

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4 sets of pure black

2 sets of silver face plate

ready STOCK!! while stock last


email : alamakazam@gmail.com


WTS : O2 Headphone Amplifier


Opamp : JRC 4556

Battery : 400mAh 9V Ultracell

Gain : 2.5x and 6.5x

Power Adapter : 230V local voltage 3 pin

Assembled in Singapore by alamakazam (andy)


IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


Warranty : 6 months (default)


Quantity Available : 3 sets currently



Price : $160


Add On Bundle


2 year warranty : $30

5 year warranty : $60

20cm Canare Cable with Neutrik plug 3.5mm both end : $10



O2 with ODAC : $330

with 10-14 days waiting time after 100% deposit

(because I don't hold stock, and I don't assemble them, ODAC warranty will be jdslab, to and fro shipping charges will be paid by buyer; is about $10, O2 warranty will still be me, )


For No Obligation Audition - only at 131B Kim Tian Road S162131 - as long as I am home, u can come


*warranty terms & condition*

-warranty excludes battery/casing/enclosure/power adapter

-Returns/Repair/RMA are to be done at Tiong Bahru MRT/Area

-2 sets spare as RMA set, casing will not be replaced

-Lots of spare part for repairs (see pic below)


IPB Image



Other Stuff For Sale - While Stock Last


Repair Your O2 Headphone Amp - PM me for repair of your O2 Amp


Assemble Your DIY Kits --- PM me for details


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WTS : Brand New Sansa Clip+ 4GB Black - $64 registered mail

MO #3 1st Oct : Monoprice - Audio Visual Equipment Accessories at affordable Price

WTS : Fostex T50RP Orthodynamic Headphones - Brand New

Charity Mass Order : Objective 2 Headphone Amplifier - July Order

Edited by alamakazam

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I am forgoing the interest list, the mass order is go ahead


current paid list


menghuo vrzone

charleskingshaw vrzone

M4tchb0X jaben

sgr1 jaben

devilwahaha vrzone

mantisviii vrzone

surfersp vrzone


total 7 sets

Edited by alamakazam

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