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I'm working on a project to create the wiring for a basic headset and I need someone to help me out.


Summary of the wiring is an XLR connected to an audio mixer with a 3.5mm jack (to be able to connect to phone, mp3, iPad ect). This would then connect to a microphone and earbuds. The earbuds and microphone are already completed components (just need to be wired to the rest of the device).


I can order all the components online, and all that was needed was to design a small custom circuit board, and that too could be ordered online.


Would be willing to pay for the assistance: just be sure that you are capable of completing it so it functions properly!


Thanks for your time!




IPB Image


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Well it's a headset for an aircraft. Reason I think it would need a PCB is to support the audio mixer. It would be a standard aviation headset wiring which is fairly simple, but to be able to mix the audio from an mp3 player with the audio coming from the aircraft avionics requires a mixer.

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