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ODAC - impressions

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Received the ODAC from a friend yesterday

coming from laptop sound card and s9 as my source

this is a step up

definitely many steps up from the laptop


firstly this babies paired with the O2

is super neutral sound is uncoloured


but what amazed me is the details this thing can pick up

on adele and michael jackson recordings in flac

i was shocked to be able to hear both of them breathe and even take in deep

breaths to sing


and listening via my DT48a even sub bass appeared cleanly and mind you

DT48A is said to have bass cut off at 50/60hz


this has got to be the best value for money dac around

even so its my first and my only dac

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u should get both as standalone pieces :D easier if u want to make comparisons of amps via ODAC or comparisons of DACs via O2


I sympathize with this, but after owning several mini-DAC's now, I don't feel any need to buy a big box, or worse yet two boxes. Soon enough the mini-DAC's will get even better and the big DAC's will be bought by (I don't know actually).

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hehehe the thing is you wont be able to use O2 unless its drawing power from the wall wart if its a combination of O2 and ODAC

may be should wait for the ODA (objective desktop amp)

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