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WTS : Fostex T50RP Orthodynamic Headphones - Brand New

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WTS : Fostex T50RP Orthodynamic Headphones


Brand New - no warranty(psstt u are suppose to modify/tweak this :P )


Tiong Bahru Collection


Price : $140


Reason for sale : Sharing this affordable headphone, shall not elaborate on how it sound, if u like vocals , u will probably like this


can audition my modded set at 131B Kim Tian Road S162131 , NO OBLIGATION, 5 of 5 bought it , more than 5 just bought them without hearing


below got show the modification methods, many many many , very cheap to modify too, $10-20 modify sound like $300-500 headphone


Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!




REstock! left 2 sets!


I give this opportunity to u, selling this fostex at almost no profit, probably a cup of coffee and chicken rice at kopitiam


u can listen for yourself at 131b kim tian road, no obligation , 5 out of 5 who came, bought it


This fostex is just an unpolish gem, I wouldn't really say after tweaking it will sound like a $300-500... because worth is depend on each individual


and also your taste, if the taste isn't your type, how cheap or how good, doesn't really matter...

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