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Albums that you recommend

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Difference in opinion exists in all members, don't worry about it. If we agreed on everything it'd be pretty boring wouldn't it?

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Bitter Suite by Hue & Cry (1989 Circa Records)


user posted image

Patrick Kane: Vocals

Gregory Kane: Piano & Keyboards

Tommy Smith: Saxophone & WX7

George Futter: Violin

Nigel Clark: Synthaxe


Track Listing:


1. Mother Glasgow

2. Man with the child in his eyes

3. Shipbuilding

4. Rollin' home

5. Peaceful face

6. Widescreen


7. O God head hid

8. Looking for Linda

9. Remote

10. It was a very good year

11. Round midnight

12. Truth

If ever I was asked to list down my prized possessions this would be one of them. This Double LP album (Single on CD) will be in the top 10. Acoustic jazz album recorded live (sound & video) on the Renfrew Ferry berthed on the River Clyde Glasgow, Scotland. Ahh... so many fond memories. Cold, windy & cloudy Glasgow.


The songs are a mix of the first & 2nd album. Even though the 2nd album did not get as many accolades as the first album (it still reached Gold status), in this (their 3rd & 1st) basic live album all the songs sounded superb. It was simple yet had a immense sense of air. I wish I could listen to this album right now but it's a rare find on CD. If you do, get one for me wink.gif


In the second city of the empire...

Mother Glasgow watches all her weans...

Trying hard to watch her little starlings...

uncouciously she clips their little wings."

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after recommendations by stuartr on this thread, i can't help but to download it. vocals with guitar, aided by pretty nice production. it helps to have a zen in the title as well. whistling.gif this reminds me of nick drake. hmmm which leads to


user posted image

another of those outstanding artiste who died young after releasing only 3 albums, mostly sad vocals and guitar.

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eh evil-zen can recommend me something like jeff buckley?

sounds like something that I will like! blush.gif

going to get jeff's cd by end of next week! after my papers end cool.gif

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The self-titled Tracy Chapman album. It was one of the first all-digital recordings and sounds INSANE. Very clean, yet smokey and dark at the same time somehow. One of my all-time favorite albums by far.

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