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WTS: Sennheiser HD25-1 II, SAA E-Series Single-ended HD650 WS Noir Cab

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Description of Item : Sennheiser HD25-1 II

Condition : 9/10 mint - Excellent condition, a little user marks

Warranty : Nil

Selling price : $200 (Retails for $449 at stereo electronics)

Preferred Location : City Area or Boon Lay

Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me


This lengendary portable headphone needs no introduction. Selling as i want to try beyer sound.


Some reviews to clarify your doubts from many/various sites:















Description of Item : SAA E-Series Single-ended HD650 WS Noir Cable

Condition : 10/10 mint - Kept in ziplock all the time. Used rarely. Less than a year old

Warranty : Nil (Bought in the states)

Selling price : $250 (Retails for USD 359)

Preferred Location : City Area or Boon Lay

Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me


Used this to bring my HD25 to the next level in sonic fidelity. Gives a very warm, rounded tone and eliminates stridency. Every part of your music is definitely improved. You really have to try it to understand what I mean!


Very little buy this for their HD25 as it was meant to be a portable can, but rest assured, with the cable, HD25's sound is anything but a portable can sound. Alternatively, you can just use this for your HD580/600/650!


Here is a review for the SAA E-series cable on a HD25:

Review: Sennheiser HD25-2 with the SAA E-Series cable


Here are some reviews for the SAA E-series cable on HD580/600/650:

onhifi.com -- Hot Product Archives

21st-Stefan AudioArt Equinox-Musical Fidelity X-Can V3


You can take a look at the cable reviews on SAA's home site itself if you're still in doubt




I want to offload both as a combo preferably and hence if you take both, i'll let it go at $400! :)



IMG_0016' target='_blank' rel='noopener'> IMG_0016






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original receipt and warranty available? I am quite sure all the sennheiser product from authorized distributor (include amazon) have a international warranty for two years.

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i dont have the receipt thats why i put warranty as nil. but you can bring it down to sennheisers if you want to verify the warranty. one year plus set. close to 2 already.

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