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4 wheels moves your body…..iDSD Nano moves your soul!




” One of the brands creating a stir has been iFi – particularly with its iDSD range…..Before I go any further I’d like to tell you that I came into this review expecting to be slightly underwhelmed…..Well the good news is that the Nano ticks all of my boxes for a great DAC. It is musical, but without losing detail. It is smooth, but not too warm and the overall sound has a nice sense of spaciousness for the price and size of the Nano…..Given that the DAC was already very good, an overly warm amp stage could have sunk the Nano’s performance, but iFi nailed the balance here and the end results are smooth, musical, detailed and enjoyable. In short, the Nano is an amazing auditory package as a stand-alone device…..Overall, the Nano has wowed me. It looks great, it’s tiny for what it is and does, and the fact that it offers native DSD playback, variable line-out USB to SPDIF conversion, and a great in-built amp all make it a hands-down winner in my book. I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Nano, but I absolutely love it and will be sad to see it go… so much so that I might be $300 poorer after this exercise (but musically richer for owning an iFi Nano iDSD).”


Thanks Passion for Sound & MaxMedia (iFi:Australia)!



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iCan Micro: Class A amp for a Class A guy!




“Going back to the iCAN Micro. A lot of people will ask why one would even need the iCAN if you have already got iDSD Micro which has a very capable headphone output. After adding the iCAN Micro after iDSD Micro the sound becomes sweeter and warmer….I think it might have something to do with its Class A circuit. I am a Class A guy. My main stereo has a set of Pass Labs XA60.5 Class A mono amps, and i also use First Watt J2 Class A amp for my desktop system. To me a class A amp (well designed of course) just sounds more musical and more effortless. It brings you closer to the music. iCAN did exactly that. I also enjoyed the 3D and Xbass feature. For 90% of the time i listen at Xbass Mid setting and 3D Max setting. I really like iFi’s implementations with both as their effects are subtle….I am currently using this set as my office setup. I am completely satisfied and have no intention to make any change, nor do i think that i can do any better without spending significantly more money. I highly recommend this combo to anyone who is looking for a good and flexible desktop setup as well as with some portability.”


Thanks Eric / Blankdisc!



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Richardo of Flickr says “Once you’ve tried iFi, there’s no going back”





“After adding a dac to my system, it’s impossible to go back, for some years I was trying to add one. Finely brought one. iFi iRack completes the setup, iFi iDSD, transforms a not bad sound in Harman Kardon GLA-55 in an Audiophile computer heaven, I did not even believed that the GLA-55 could be so much better, but believe me, the iFi iDSD, iFi Dac, are something amazing. You need a good hi resolution audio like the studio masters from linn, chesky or HD Tracks to listen real hi res sound in pure nirvana. It can also listen to acc from iTunes with better quality, but acc or mp3 show all limitations after listen studio masters, there is no going back. iUSB takes the noise from the usb signal, interesting as this really works, more precise sound. iRack is only cosmetic for me, but beautiful.”





Thanks Richardo!


Check out Richardo’s profile here! https://www.flickr.com/photos/macdesktops/

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Germany’s prestigious AUDIO magazine rates Retro as Reference Class.




AUDIO test thoroughly and are one of the major authorities for comparative reviewing in Germany.


In the history of AUDIO, the Retro is the first ‘realistically priced component’ to ever be awarded ‘Reference Class’.


Jeremy Clarkson got nuffin on this reviewer, Stefan Schickedanz. The following is a translation of the most salient aspects from the review.







Test, tube complete system (summary)


Not only for Hipsters: For looks, the charming system from iFi could have come straight from the middle of the last century, but it is packed chock full with technology of our current Millennium.


We LOVE the ‘BBC Top Gear’ homage on page 3. Damm, if audio journalism was on the whole as entertaining reading (said the iFi audio Stig).


Their “Best of the Best” list uses a rigid and reliable point based system for assessing sound quality, with “Standard Class” assigned up to 30 Points, “Middle Class” up 60 Points, “Upper Class” up to 75 Points, “Peak Class” up to 90 points and “High End” up to 100 Points. Equipment must gain over 100 points to be considered “Reference Class”‘.


The iFi Retro System joins the ranks of the reference class with 103 points, one of the least expensive complete systems possible at reference class level!


Reviewer Stefan Schickedanz declares the Retro System the “ultimate must-have gadget” and had a “Hammer Listening Experience” (as in very good) via all inputs, including MC Phono, Line and Digital.


He found the matching LS-3.5 speakers to “Surprise with how much bass they bring forth” and “to give a “deeply immersing” experience of the music.


Finally, while he will not (yet?) trade in his >> 100K US Reference System for the Retro System, he notes that if he was starting out from zero in High End Audio, “the Retro System would be the hottest candidate for pole position in his living room”.


The overall conclusion states positives as “Grooves, Swings and brings real bass, genius sound staging” and notes no negatives.


AUDIO’s Lab test noted the Signal/Noise ratio (a measure how much unwanted noise is added to the music) as exemplary.


Sound quality Assessment (as system): Reference Class at 103 points


Value For Money Assessment: Outstanding


Usability Assessment: Outstanding


Manufacturing Quality: Outstanding


Danke sehr! AUDIO and Stefan Schickedanz!


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iFi Audio: ‘Compact and high-end sound’ says Asada Yosuke of Phileweb(Japan)!




“In the United Kingdom iFI audio that has gained tremendous popularity in Japan, we are gradually increasing the degree of attention and as here in Europe “cutting-edge brand”. However, there is a little different from the Japanese market. It is not as portable applications, but it has attracted attention as a stationary audio equipment…..iFI audio, these no doubt that the “compact and high-end sound” that is a brand that has become the style of the detonator. Free design and extremely high spec. Lifestyle and iFI audio quality as a brand that was brilliantly both is likely to be a significant impact to the world of audio market in the future.”


Thanks Asada Yosuke and Phileweb!


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