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Shure SRH840 - rewired with "nucleotide" also modded cable wit

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Asking $150.00 (SHIPPED)


Payment: Paypal (factor in 3% please) OR money order, whichever.


Shipping: I will ship to CONUS via FedEx, insured and I will cover all shipping fees.




These are in like new condition (other than the obvious mods) and sound amazing. I like them quite a bit but I think I'll prefer the 940's in the end.




Here is some quoted text from the earlier seller describing the work that's been done to them:




I purchased these from a friend on Head-fi.org, here are his comments regarding the mods which, loosely entail: modified head band padding, custom cable with mini-xlr and complete inner rewire with Nucleotide copper.




Here are his comments:




"Stock SRH840s have a few flaws: (1) The headband is quite heavy. This causes the headphones to slide forward if you look down (while reading a book or papers, for example). (2) The cable is removable but it uses a proprietary jack, which generally makes it impossible to use after-market cables. (3) The stock cable is very heavy, it is thick, it is long and it is coiled, which makes it extremely annoying in practice.



I have a guy who makes custom headphone cables for me, and he will also do special mods upon request (several of my headphone cables are featured on his website: http://jeaudiodesign.../jeaudiodesigns). He removed the heavy, slippery stock headband and installed a new one, solving problem (1), above. He removed the proprietary jack and installed a standard mini-XLR jack, solving problem (2), above. Finally, he made me a custom cable out of DHC Nucleotide cable sheathed in soft black monofilament that has zero microphonics, and is light and short enough for portable or desktop use (without constantly running over the cable with your deskchair), thereby solving problem (3).




Thanks for looking.... PM me if interested...






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