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Klipsch earphone problem

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I am new here! Hello!!


I have two Klipsch earphones (Image S4i and Image S4 II) which are not working anymore. Both were bought from Amazon.com some time this year and only lasted a few months. Since it was not bought locally, I heard the warranty is not covered? Is this true?


One side of the earphones has stopped working and I would very much like to have it repaired.


Where can I go to have this fixed? How much are the costs roughly? Hope it is affordable.


Thanks very much for your help.

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Guest dragonboy
Bring it to Tat Chuan Acoustics at Adelphi with your receipt hopefully one to one exchange...Good luck.


I don't think Klipsch covers international warranty but no harm trying your luck. In case it doesn't, if it's just the plug connector which is a common problem for earphones, you can just send your earphones for termination of plug which cost you a minimal fee for soldering.

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