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Sound Affairs

Sound Affairs BALANCED AC Power Conditioner. Designed for Desktop!

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Sound Affairs BALANCED AC Power Conditioner


Our Balanced power conditioner is designed to greatly reduce incoming AC mains noise as well as to lower the impedance of the power supplied to your components, improving the actual current delivery to your components. Special care is taken to reduce the hum and noise problems commonly associated with ground loops in your hi-fi system.


In particular, our 500W version is specifically designed for Desktop Audio setup. You can power your whole desktop Audio systems (Laptop/Mac mini / DAC / Pre-Power Amp / Active speaker) and reap the maximum benefits!


A custom wound transformer, with earth screening between the primary winding and secondary winding prevents incoming AC noise to leak to your actual hi-fi power supply.


A special balanced AC power circuit is used; ground loop currents and noise will be drastically reduced.


Example of setup:


The 500W BALANCED AC power Conditioner (2nd component from the left, beside the speakers) is also perfect for Headphone / desktop setups!


Customer Feedback / Reviews:

Dear James,

Your 2KW Balanced AC power conditioner total changed my system! The background is now really black and there is much more resolution. Background noise is really lowered. Even with no music the hissing sound over my speakers tweeters are much lowered than previously! In particular the Bass gets really deep and tight and there is much more body to the sound. I was concern that dynamics and PRaT might be affected with a power conditioner. However, the dynamics actually improved with your balanced AC power conditioner! The sound is really analog now. Thanks for offering this product, and at a fraction of the price of competing products of similar qualities!


Mark Lim



Another 2KW version for Audio / HT duties.


More reviews here: http://mysoundaffairs.com/power-product-reviews/


Benefits of using our Balanced AC Power Conditioner


With the use of our power conditioners, you will find that your audio will have a much lower noise floor, as well as better dynamic contrast. There will be more clarity and TRUE details come out in spades, with better sound staging. Bass becomes tighter and PRaT factor increases. Most importantly, the harmonic tone of the voices and instruments becomes much more natural. Your audio will have a much more analog sound, with greater fluidity to your music.


500 watts CONTINUOUS Balanced AC Power Conditioner – SGD$890

•Designed to power small and desktop setups directly.

•For source components and power amps up to 100W (class A/B). Example, CD Player , DAC Pre-amp, Power amp (up to 100W class A/B).

•4 Hubbell hospital grade USA outlets.

•Weight : 9.0kg ; Dimension (in mm): 144 x 155 x 250

•Available for Step down (230 Vac – 100~120 Vac) and Step up (100 Vac -230 Vac). Please enquire.


For more infos and other versions please visit our website: http://mysoundaffairs.com/products/power-products/


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Available at Sound Affairs:




James Soh

Sound Affairs Pte Ltd

www.mysoundaffairs.com (www.effectiveaudiomod.com for previous mods done)

100 beach road, Shaw tower. #02-34. S189702

Tel : 9694 9704. (11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. Do call before coming over as I could be out for installation. Other times by appointment basis. ).

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