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Singapore 22nd June 2014 Meet (ASEAN welcomed)

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When and Where is the event?


The Date is 22nd June 11am to 8pm. The venue is at Scape ( *SCAPE | dream it live it ) , Google Map Here and Streetdirectory here


Level 4 Management Office




The 2 Rooms are “The Situation Room” and “The News Room”.


The Situation Room is for the Showcase Sponsors, is free entrance. Try out the latest product from our sponsors.


The News Room is for the Headphone Meet, is $10 per person. Registration and payment on the day of event




What is a Headphone Meet?


One of the great things about headphones and portable audio equipment is that they’re small and portable. Headphone enthusiasts around the globe regularly transport their gear to homes and hotel conference rooms to gather for meets. Audio Gizmo is organizing this Meet to gather more fresh faces to meet up, showcasing your headphone equipment.


The Equipment List is here, do fill up the list. If you are unable to come, please delete you details.


December 2013 Singapore Headphone Meet




Why $10 for the Headphone Meet?


Rental of venue, helpers and various costs. Even with sponsors is not sufficient to cover the cost. It also treats as an administration to safe keep your equipment.




Joining the Meet?


Please note there is maximum capacity of 30 person for the Meet. The Equipment List is here, do fill up the list.


If you are unable to come, please delete you details. First Come First Serve Basis.




More on the Headphone Meet Room ( The News Room)


* 17 power sockets available

* 2x 6way power filter strip – UK (for US plug – self supplied)

* Chairs and Tables for 30 person



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