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Singapore - Audio Technica Offline Event - 29 Nov 2014

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Audio Technica Singapore informed me a while ago, about their new product launch event, at the end of this month.

They asked me to help them to distribute the invitation to Head-Fi'ers in Singapore, also for Head-Fi'ers from other country that happen to be in Singapore at that date. This is a small event @ Earshot cafe, around 45 pax capacity, not for a large number of guests. So registration is required.



Event Details:

Venue: Earshot Cafe @ The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane, Arts House, Singapore 179429

Date: 29 November 2014, Saturday

Time: 2 pm to 5 pm



The products to be shown in the event: MSR7, MSR7LTD, ESW9LTD, W1000Z, PHA100, PHA50BT, CKR9LTD, and some other models. They also told me they have arranged the new and rare DAC+Headphone Amp AT-HA5050H as well L3000.gif It's quite a unique product with 8 headphone outputs :D


And they said, there will be early birds specials as well, but I don't have the detail.



If you're interested, please register here:





Disclaimer: I'm not working with, nor affiliated to Audio Technica.

Updated 21 Nov 2014, sorry typo on the disclaimer confused_face.gif. I'm not working for AT.

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