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Bose AE2i – Sound Quality

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Bose AE2i


Next to Bose’s other headphones, the noise-cancelling QC3 and Quietcomfort 15, the Bose AE2i have a marginally better-balanced sound signature. The skew towards warmth is less pronounced, giving a less silky smooth but truer texture.


Bass is full, if not hugely punchy or particularly deep. Compared to style rivals, their tonal balance is impressive – especially given Bose is not generally highly regarded by purist audiophiles.


For closed headphones, their sound stage is wide too. Some closed-back headphones can sound disappointingly narrow, but the Bose AE2i do not. We have a feeling Bose’s psychoacoustic research may have had a hand in this – it involves manipulating the signal to alter the way you perceive sound, comparable in some respects to the digital signal processing modes you’ll see in many of today’s phones, used to make “fake” surround sound.


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