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Headphone removable/replace/custom cable mods by PermanentHeadDamage

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Singapore-based service:

(1) Install sockets on your headphones to use removable cables.

(2) Replace the stock cable on your headphones with new cable.

(3) Make new custom removable cables for your headphones.

(4) Re-terminate your existing headphone cable with new plugs (e.g. for use on another headphone or for balanced amplifier output)


Following photos are examples. Contact me to customize.



Removable cable mod done for a Beyerdynamic T5p using Neutrik-Rean 4-pin miniXLR sockets for $120 (removable cable not included and for illustration purpose only)



Replacement cable mod done for an Audiotechnica ATH-ESW9 using Canare L-4E5C and Neutrik right-angled 3.5 mm TRS plug for $96



Replacement cable mod done for a Grado SR125i using Canare L-4E5C and Neutrik right-angled 3.5 mm TRS plug for $96



Custom cable made for Sennheiser HD700 headphone using Canare L-4E5C, Amphenol professional 6.35mm TRS plug and custom 2.5mm TS plugs for $80



Custom cable made for AKG K812 headphone using Belden 1804a, Amphenol professional 6.35mm TRS plug and authentic LEMO connector for $130




Photos of custom cables hooked up to customer's headphones



Sennheiser cable re-terminated with two 3.5mm plugs for use with Denon AH-D600 headphones


Choice of socket/connector for headphone:

Options include Sennheiser HD600/650 2-pin connector, 2.5mm TS plug (used by Sennheiser HD700 and Oppo headphones), Sennheiser HD800 2-pin connector, 3-pin miniXLR (used by AKG headphones), 3-pin LEMO connector (used by AKG K812), 4-pin miniXLR (used by Audeze headphones), SMC connector (used by HiFiMAN headphones), etc.


Choice of connector for source equipment:

Balanced: 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRRS, dual 3.5mm TRS for Pono, 4-pin Kobiconn connector for RSA Protector, 4-pin miniXLR, 4-pin XLR, dual 3-pin XLRs, etc.

Single-ended: 3.5mm or 6.35mm TRS.


Choice of cables/wires:

Professional audio cables from Canare, Belden, Van Damme, Mogami, Cardas, etc. Specialized UPOCC silver and copper wires. Contact me to discuss.


4.7% Silver Solder used:

Made in Japan Oyaide SS-47 Silver Solder contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability.



Material cost plus service fee. Material cost is the actual cost of any parts (e.g. sockets, plugs, wires, etc) used. Service fee is based on complexity (e.g. soldering points, cable y-splits, sleeving, headphone cup modification, etc).






Thanks for reading,

Headphone mods, custom cables and interconnects by PermanentHeadDamage

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