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German Maestro GMP-160 Lightweight Stereo Headphone review

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This German Maestro GMP-160 is, in terms of materials and construction, by far the cheapest headphone I've ever owned. Nonetheless, with some treble reduction**, the sound is surprisingly good. Even the Tutt-Keltner drum improvisation is sharp and detailed. The question I have is whether the paper earpads and earcup-stuffers will last more than a couple of months.


**It's not only bright, but maintains that brightness to 10 khz and above, whereas most low-budget headphones roll off quickly in the upper treble.




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German Maestro GMP-160 Lightweight Stereo Headphone is very nice. I think when everything is good about this headphone, the question you are worried about baseless. I am using Cowin E-7 Wireless Headphone. The sound quality of this headphone is very good. It has amazing active Noise Cancelling technology. You are requested to check Cowin E-7 Wireless Headphone Review.


SPAM. If this were a real review it would be in its own topic.

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