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Four multi-award winning brands has just landed in Musiclink/A&L.










1. Tara Labs, an award winning brand that can bring the Philharmonic straight to your sound room, ensuring a rich bass with an expansive sound system.







2. GoldenEar Loudspeakers. True to their name, their loud speakers will leave you with metaphorical "golden ears". Simply a sound that astounds.







3. Supra. Cables that shook the tectonic plates of the Hi-Fi industry, boasting the highest commercially available quality that can be found. Truly a worthy contender.







4. PS Audio Electronics. Their power cables, alongside audio and power components, are unmatched in power. To start yourself off on the road to audio nirvana, choose the best.


Available now@


Musiclink AV Distribution / A&L Audio

100 Beach Road, #02-46-49

Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702

Tel: 65-62911106

Business hours: Mon-Sat: 1-8pm daily.

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed.

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