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Useful threads/links for DIY

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Like the title says, here are a few useful links to threads posted in the DIY forums for your reference.


How to create a professional PCB from home, a guide in Singapore by jasonhanjk

Guide to modifying Neutrik locking jack by firefox.

Flavours of op amps by bpribadi.

Make your own SOIC to DIP adapter by bpribadi.

Modifying the colour of your HD414 earpads for Grado headphones by tropicalrips.

Beyer DT880 cord change by adhoc.

Fishball's BALLS OF STEEL, DIY bearing isolation design.


Other Useful websites:

- HeadWize

- Head-Fi: DIY resources

- Tangent's Audiologica website

- Farnell Semiconductor Price guide


Note: this will undergo constant updates so please PM me or any of the moderators if you have anything useful to add.


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