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Little Dot III tubes

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Hi Guys,


I have the LD3 amp and need some information. The tubes im using now are 4P1S and 1K2/1B2. I did a search and found that the compatible ones are 1DF9, 1S5 and 4pi1pi.


Anyone here heard the tubes 1DF9, 1S5 and 4pi1pi before? How do they sound? Anywhere in singapore I can buy/test the tubes?


Many thanks biggrin.gif

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I have a LDII and i replaced the 2 preamp tubes (1B2) with Mullard DAF91. I thought that this could get rid of the microphonics but that's not the case and the "upgrade" didn't really improve the sonic performance. There's a slight difference but only if you listen hard enough.

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thanks guys laugh.gif


I found this http://www.erji.net/read.php?tid=168718&fp...toread=&page=34








后级管:4n1n (前苏联)


So it means i can use all kinds of 1S5, DF94 and 1T4 tubes right?


Hi Kank, so the DAF91 is not worth it right?


This 4PI1PI is extinct huh? cant find any info on it.. anyone knows whether this 4n1n is good?


I wonder if any 1S5, DF94 or 1T4 tubes sound good? Any recommendations? Any shops for audition? tongue.gif

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the 4П1Л are power amplification tubes used in oscillations also. yeah can be said as near to extinction. now only Beijing makes them and named them 4P1S...

the 1S5 and the equivalents are common elsewhere but not in Singapore...

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