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*SOLD* DIY SOHA Headphone Amp

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I've got a DIY SOHA for sale. It's hand-soldered by suqalle of this forum. Got it about 5 months ago. Selling because it's under utilised. It's equiped with a Mullard 12AU7 tube but I'll also include a RCA and another cheapo tube in the package for some tube rolling fun. :) Mini 1/8 mini jacks used for imput and output. I've got a metal casing for the amp too but I just couldn't find the time to drill in those holes. I'll also throw in another pair of output resistors which can be used for cans of higher impedence.


The only problem is that one of the wires is disconnected while i was tube rolling. So you'll need to solder it back and it'll be as good as new. In fact, it still works, so long as you don't touch those wires. And I'll not be including the power cable as I'm using it for something else. The cable can be easily obtained anywhere since it's similar to the one is used to power your CPU and minitor.


To summarise, the whole package will include:


SOHA Amp w/o power cable (loose connection needs to be soldered back)

3 x 12AU7/ECC82 tubes

Metal casing (aluminium i think) from Sim Lim Tower


Price: SOLD


PM me if you're interested and I'll be more than happy to entertain any questions with regards to the amp.


Pics will be available by tonight.



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