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HI-FI changing time~

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Hi all,

I'm looking to change my Mini Hi-Fi combo since my current one is about the kick the bucket :o


Can't find any websites that does reviews or whatever so decided to post here seek some advice from you guys :yeah:


Anyone mini hi-fi combos you guys can recommend? Budget should be around 850 max.


I listen to mainly rock,instrumental and some pop.


Thanks for any replies :rclxms:


Edit: Crap i just saw the the sub-section for Hi-Fi >_< Sorry for posting it here, maybe someone can post it there?

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Denon makes some decent mini combo systems. However I have only heard their older system - I think it was called the DM-30 and it retailed for about $450 only.


At your budget level you might wanna look into a NAD seperates system with budget Mission speakers. Look into the second hand market at echoloft for 2nd hand speakers (speakers hardly breakdown).

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