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iBasso D1 DAC/AMP

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IPB Image

IPB Image


iBasso portable DAC/AMP combo D1 is a high performance mobile audio solution. It is a Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier with many input options, which includes digital inputs from optical, coaxial, USB, and analog input from AUX IN/OUT. It not only works as DAC/AMP combo, but also works as a stand-alone AMP, DAC, or USB soundcard.


The DAC function in the small D1 is as good as some full size DAC. D1 has PCM2906 made by Texas Instruments to convert USB into S/PDIF signal. It uses CS8416 as a DA-receiver chip, which is known as a best DA-receiver chip, and has sampling rate from 32 to 192 KHz ability. The D/A chip is CS4398, to convert the signal to analog signal, up to 24bit/192KHz. It is Cirrus Logic's top of the line product and used in lot of high end equipments. The USB-DAC function in D1 is standout. It is a perfect gift for your computer. In the amplification part, D1 has op AD823 + BUF two NE5532 structure to ensure high quality music playback with 6dB gain. Also, there is DIP sockets design for opamp rolling.


D1 has its dedicated MCU (Micro Controller Unit) to manager its inputs, outputs, and functions. This is an innovation on Portable DAC or Amp device. When D1 is turned on, the MCU will automatically search the inputs one by one, in sequence of (1st optical, 2nd coaxial, 3rd USB, and 4th AUX IN/OUT). Then, let the locked inputting signal goes to the chips for decoding or amplification, and the MCU will turn into sleep status at the same time. Benefit from the MCU, the port AUX IN/OUT on the front panel can have multi-function. When there is S/PDIF signal inputting, this port is Line Out, otherwise, it is Line In.


Other than the DAC and AMP design, D1 still has many standout features. D1 has two built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Even for the high power consumption DAC and AMP design, D1 still can work approximate to 20 hours for the combo, or 40 hours for the stand-alone amplification. D1 has built-in current and charge management chip to protect batteries, and have fast charger ability. Only 5 hours is needed to charge the 2000 mAh batteries. Low voltage indicator technology, power lamp will flash when the battery needs to be charged. Also, D1 has high quality aluminum case with 4mm thick front panel, countersinking, and laser printing.



The following are some main specifications of D1.

- PCM2906, convert USB into a S/PDIF signal

- CS8416, DA-receiver chip

- CS4398, D/A chip, one of Cirrus Logic's Flagship Chips

- OP+BUF structure for amplification, AD823+Two NE5532

- Dedicated MCU (Micro Controller Unit) to manager inputs, outputs, and functions.

- Flexible input and output compatibility. It has USB, optical, coaxial, stereo input, line out, and stereo output

- Works as a combo or a stand-alone AMP, DAC, USB soundcard

- Built-in two 2A rechargeable Li-ion batteries, plays up to 40 hours (40 hrs for AMP, or 20hrs for combo)

- Measures 78*32*120mm, and weights only 320g

Comes with: genuine leather case, high quality optical cable, USB cable, coaxial cable, AC adapter (110V~240V).


NOTE: Main shipment of the iBasso D1 is limited due to worldwide demand and is scheduled to arrive in our store 1st week of Sept, however we have managed to get hold 1 unit for everyone to audition.


Singapore Retail Price: $369 (Price inclusive of 7% GST)

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