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Rules & Regulations - please read!

Let's keep it friendly in here folks. These are the rules and regulations for posting here in Sgheadphones.

1) All dealers/distributors of audio/visual equipment need to have an Audio Dealer Status.

2) Audio dealers may only review their own products if they make it clear at the start AND at the end of their post that they sell the product.

3) No vulgarities or obscenities.

4) No racist, sexist, religious or political remarks.

5) As far as possible, posts in a given thread should have relevance to the original thread starter's post or subsequent post. If you see a whole page of posts unrelated to the original topic, you know its time to get back on track!

6) Before posting a "new topic" please note the topic may have already been discussed. Please do a search before asking a question.

7) If you need an opinion about a particular piece of equipment, please state your budget, musical tastes and the other equipment you will be using it with. Do not ask questions like "what's the best CD player".

8) If you have a different opinion about a piece of equipment, your views are welcomed but refrain from outright condemnation as the system will probably be different, musical tastes differ etc.

9) Never buy a piece of equipment based on another person's opinion. Always try to audition a piece of gear first (if possible).

10) This is a friendly place, keep it friendly or you will be shown the door.

11) Creating multiple accounts in Sgheadphones with purpose of deceit, mislead or to further vested interest under a seemingly different identity will be expunged/banned.

Enjoy the music, have fun and keep posting.

New rules will be added, or current rules revised, as and when we see fit.

there're also specific rules for the Classifieds. do read that as well.

ps. under your user name, where the avatar is, is a "warning level" indicator. You'll be able to see all your previous warnings from moderators there.