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Posted 29 April 2003 - 07:04 PM

work in progress.


Grado vs Grado, The Battle of the Grados - Rameish

Ready for W1000 - ting

Short Review: Ultrasone HFI-650 DVD Edition - El Scorcho

Etymotic ER-4 first impressions - Guyferd, Evil-zen

Review: Sugden Headmaster + Senn HD600 + Equinox cable - Mackie

"Opening" a BeyerDynamic DT880 cans - Mackie

"The Brethren: BeyerDynamic DT770/880/990 - Mackie

Review: Beyer DT-48/831/150/250 taken to task - Mackie

Review: BeyerDynamic DT880 (2005-06) - Mackie

Review: Beyer Premium Line DT660/860 - Mackie

Review: Beyerdynamic DT990 (2006 edition) - Mackie

The Big Showdown - DT880 vs DT990 (2006 editions) - cmk

Beyer DT770 (32ohm) - cmk

Alessandro MS Pro - cmk

DT880 vs Clou Red HD600 - [email protected]

Koss KSC75 - Vance

Sony MDR-CD3000 review - Blues

Review: UM1 vs HQ-1700 vs EP630 - aaron-xp

Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 - Mini Review - bpribadi

HD600, DT880(250Ohm), AKG K701, RS-1 - tassardar_

Impression of Valgrind modded HD600 - david watt

Audio Technica AD2000: Review and responses from the loaner programme - kchew

Koss ESP950 electrostatic headphone - blackmouth0

Beyerdynamic DT860 (Edition 2007) Review - Andy

Some thought on my (purchase of) porta corda. - Ryan

Review: Tuberolling the Cayin HA-1A integrated tube amplifier - Mackie

Review: Portable Amp 2 Version 2 - Mackie

KurtW Meta42 vs Porta Corda II - [email protected]

PPA first impressions - Rameish

Review: Ray Samuels Emmeline HR-2 - Welly Wu

Diva Headphone amp - cmk

Review: Little Dot II Headphone Amplifier - gfgfmoses

Little Dot Micro+ impressions - afbug

Stello HP100 - tassardar_

Singlepower Extreme Platinum - Impressions - tbln

EddieCurrent Zana Duex - impressions - yotiao

Beta22 (short review + pics) - loop_

Going balanced: My journey with The Apache - tbln

Diva goya headphone amp review - ito

A new addition to the family: Headroom Balanced Desktop, The balanced journey continues! - tbln

Full source/Computer source/Portable source:
Review of Marantz CD7300 - Mackie

PCDP showdown - [email protected]

an extensive PCDP round-up - Duncan

Review: Creative Xmod - xjazzdummy

Firestone Audio Spitfire 24-bit DAC and Supplier PSU impressions - yotiao

Interconnects - personal reviews - Mackie

Cones and chopping boards - Northern Oak

Coin Tweaks - Mackie

Ultimate link cables - [J]-ohn

Cheap Grado Ear pads Mods - Barradio

Audiophile Glossary - Northern Oak

The Holy Grail - One Man's Quest for Perfect Sound Forever - Rameish

The Correct Way To Run In Your Headphone, And check for any faults to boot - Rameish

How to keep those interconnects clean - Rameish

Understanding Room Acoustics - Mackie

Some useful CD-related knowledge - adhoc

Step-by step cord change procedure of DT880 - adhoc

DT880 cord change chronicles - adhoc

Some Tube Facts - Rameish

Anti IC review - The Audio Hub

Our History:
here and here for our old threads that we sprung from on head-fi

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