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  1. Sale cancelled. Thanks.
  2. Let me make it easy for you. If you were sound asleep and someone drew the curtain and exposed you to bright sunlight, the subsequent expression on your face will be quite similar to when your ears are hit with excessive aural brightness.
  3. I have not tried or measured the frequency response of LDM+ but here's some food for thought, in regard to the PA2V2's performance in the bass department. I've also highlighted my findings to Gary who promised to up the ante in this aspect if a version 3 were to be produced. PC2 denotes Porta Corda 2, a portable amp from Meier Audio. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=3192
  4. Albert Lau from the now defunct Anything Audio, still has access to Beyer's pro products. Please sms/call him on his mobile at 97543050. I've already notified him of your interest.
  5. As dle4e_2005 has correctly mentioned, the rules and regulations in this section require all interested parties to direct their enquiries to the seller via pm/email. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
  6. Although we are off track now, I wish to add the Amaze is very particular on the amp it partners with. Take your time and select a good one to feed it.
  7. Don't use super glue for aesthetic reason. A milder and nicer solution is this particular glue sold in Popular Bookstore. I can't remember the name but it's in a squeeze bottle (white) that looks quite similar to Tipp-Ex (U know, the red squeeze bottle?). I can't recall the brand off hand. The beauty of it is it's milky white when wet and tranparent when dry. It's also easy to apply. This glue is meant for handycraft.
  8. Top elevation. Note the heat sink?
  9. I reckon you need better amplification. During the era of AA, I once bought a pair of JBL Power 20 to use as backup amp for my Dynaudio Acoustics speakers (Sensitivity 85dB, impedance 4ohms). It costs $250 each and I got a special deal for buying a pair. From its sonic and operational characteristics, I have reasons to believe it's a class A amp. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?show...&hl=jbl+power20
  10. IEMs were meant to be used by musicians and stage performers and only in recent years do we see audiophiles getting into it. In short, the answer to your question is affirmative. One thing great about having treble rolloff is the less chance of suffering from fatigue on prolonged usage.
  11. Your ears are functioning just fine. UM2 has the same treble rolloff too. It's less apparent with comply short tips and Shure medium size tips though. Increasing playback volume does improve treble details but overall, it seem SF is more balanced sounding. Instead of opting for a switch, I suggest you play around with tips.
  12. In a nutshell, they are suitable for all kinds of music, much akin to chicken rice being suitable for consumption in all seasons. The key element is personal preference. U gotta try it for yourself. I believe previous threads have already highlighted the sonic characteristics of SF3 and UM1.
  13. In layman's term, treble rolloff means the higher frequencies sounded softer.
  14. I've repaired a few Beyer DT770 pro for friends in pro audio and my own DT831 cans, usually its driver failure or in the case of the former, frayed cables or broken phono plugs. These headsets must have had gone through torture by their users.
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