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  1. Selling a black ipod nano, 8Gb, 2nd Gen. Condition is at 8/10. Selling at 200. Price Negotiable. Msg me here, or sms me at 90253143. Thanks
  2. Hmm... does stereo electronics and jaben do this? As in the trimming. I was thinking of self-soldering a pair of ipod cables to the connectors.
  3. Hi... does anyone here know if there's a shop that does custom cabling for the super.fi 5 pro? My transparent silver cable recently broke, so I've been looking for a replacement. I don't really like this one though, because it gets really stiff after awhile. I wonder if it's possible to use more flexible wires?
  4. Kube

    Grado SR-80

    I used it for about a year, then didn't have time to use it again. Quality is fine. Words a little faded and recently replaced the foam pads. Selling for $100.
  5. My e2g wires finally gave way... and I decided it was time to upgrade . Got myself sf pro 5... and I've been loving every miinute of it!! Actually was edging closer to the e3c at first... but there was this really enthusiastic kid at SE that convinced me to switch over. Compared to the e2g, out of the box... very clear! The bass is tight and the highs are clear. It's as if a veil has been been parted in my ears. One beef with them though is the fitting. Must ask others who have this... can you get a tight fit? I can get proper fit... as in sound is clear, ears are comfortable. But isolation seems to belacking a bit. Maybe this was because I'm too used to the e2g's? Using the smallest of the rubber tips. The medium sized rubber tipped did fine, actually... but felt loost and it also pops out of my ear canals if I try to squeeze them in.
  6. I suggest you start finding a new pair. Probability dictates it'll break very soon. Experienced the same problem before... got worse quickly.
  7. Checked the EQ? Perhaps tweak the EQ if nothing works....
  8. Wow. Nice repair there. Unfortunately, the tear that occurs for my wire is at the wire nearest to the drivers...which means practically impossible to fit in... Roughly how much to repairs cost, does anyone know?
  9. Replaced with a new set? Do I have to go to the shure distributer? IS it cheaper than getting a new pair of phones?
  10. I recently discovered a tear in on of the wires on my e2g. As such, the metal core is now partly exposed. Apparently, only when I put the wires in a certain shape (the one it forms when in normal usage) the tear closes up. So far, nothing wrong with the sound I'm getting, but I know that isn't going to last long. So quick question: Any tips to repair such a tear? Or do I have to send it to Shure for repairs, and how much will this repair cost? Very tempted to hurt wallet and get a new um2, but I can't really afford it right now.
  11. If you want your music to last long, nano 2nd gen is definitely the way to go with about 24 hours of batt life. SQ wise, it isn't the best though.
  12. Sorry for OTing...but you can trade in a zen micro for the xmod? Last I saw, the xmod came free only when you bought a zen vision m or w first?
  13. Haha...don't worry...this is just a stepping stone. One thing I noticed about ipods (the recent revisions) is that it tends to emphasize the bass a bit. I too rip at Apple lossless, takes up space pretty fast.
  14. Lol. Anyway...creative players don't support lossless...do they?! Otherwise I'm forced to reconsider...
  15. Ehh....IMHO, most harddisk based players can't be used for vigorous activities.
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