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  1. Well, thanks then, that's good to know. That means only authorized resellers could give out warranty while imported sennheisers usually dont have them right?
  2. I've seen counterfeit earbuds or IEMs before, but counterfeit real-sized headphones I've yet to see. Massage chairs are massage chairs, they're not audiophile headphones... Well this thread is going places, I've still yet to see a real source saying Sennheisers come with warranty cards, because so far I've found that they don't, the PX100 I bought from an authorized reseller a few years back did not come with a warranty card. As for the HD595s I purchased, I'm pretty sure it's the real thing, it looks exactly the same, had that damp musty smell when I purchased it, had the according headphone stand and the headband with leather, and sounds great. And seriously, why would anyone counterfeit audiophile headphones since the relatively small market, and the few people in it should know what they're buying.
  3. Want to give us a link to the forums warning about counterfeit high-end headphones? It would be an interesting read.
  4. Nah, I know Sennheiser HD595s doesn't come with a warranty card regardless where you bought it.
  5. Yeah, I forgot to mention that the store itself didn't give out warranty for the sennheiser and the panasonic iem. Still quite a deal though. I'm not sure but, isn't the normal procedure for sennheiser 2-year warranty is to just keep the receipt and the warranty is provided by sennheiser themselves?
  6. Yeah they're form China, I think almost all Sennheisers are made in China.
  7. Nah, I thought so too at first, but no problems so far, been using it a few weeks for now.
  8. Then it's at performance-audio at SLS, a corner shop on the 2nd or 3rd floor.. I dont quite remember the exact location.
  9. I'm not sure if it was okay to post it out of the forums, as the price seemed way lower than normal, so I edited it out from my post. Would a regular here want to tell me if it's okay? ;p Oh and the hd595 was the last one on display when I bought it.
  10. A bit of a long story... I was looking to enter the audiophile headphones world. After looking around for information for quite some time at head-fi and here, I decided on buying a Sennheiser HD595 after having a px200 for quite some years. I'm not living in Singapore now, but by chance I had an opportunity to go to singapore 2 weeks ago. I spent much of my time there searching for headphones and see if I could audition some to see if I had any second choiches. I think I went to most of the headphone stores mentioned here except Stereo which was too far for me ;p. The guy at Sonovox was really nice and I auditioned some beyers too. So after looking around for 3 days and just when I decided to buy it from someone in KL since it was a bit cheaper (I'm living in Sabah now), I stumbled upon a store by accident and found the HD595 for SGD255. I was quite suprised and bought it right away, my brother bought a Panasonic HJE50 for SGD44 too.. So now I'm enjoying my new setup at home (used audigy 7.1 -> new PA2V2 -> HD595) thinking it sounds the best out of the ones I could get. (ignorance is bliss ) Edit: did some edits, cutting out some parts
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