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  1. Contact: 96726332 Location: North (Flexible) Reason for selling: under-utilization nEar05 eXperience 5" Studio monitors Info: For it's quality, a very affordable pair of studio monitors; popular at Jaben. Free Canare Starquad interconnects, wooden box-platform and rubber pads (for elevation and unwanted vibration reduction) thrown in. Product Specs Price: $250 Condition: 9.5/10
  2. I guess then it can't be helped. Thanks for e speedy response.
  3. Thanks Aron for the excellent picture. Collected my ER-4S customs at Stereo today. Was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which they were done--just 2+ weeks! This is my first pair of customs and I must say I'm quite impressed with it. It comes with a neat little frequency response chart, a compact black pouch and a very nifty earwax removal tool that has tiny brushes affixed to it! The quality and workmanship of the custom shell to my untrained eyes are impeccable; and needless to say, the aesthetics, feel and build of the clear ES2 cable are such a great delight. Instead of being placed along the cable as in the universal version, the 102 ohm resistor--a very tiny one-is situated in the custom shell itself. Initially, I had some difficulty inserting the customs but once I got the hang of it, I didn't want to take them out. The fit was good and balanced between both ears. Very pleased to get it right the first try. So here comes the big question: does it retain the sonic signature of the universal version? My estimation is that it is around 80+% true to the original. Make no mistake about it; I do enjoy the sound of this. But there is a spike in the 5khz- 10khz region that's not present in the original--even the accompanying frequency chart which I compared with the chart on the Etymotic website proved my conclusion. As such, there is a very slight sibilance but it's one that's not grating to my ears. However, if possible, would Aron be so kind as to make an enquiry on this matter to the manufacturer on the the reason for this discrepancy? Thanks! This is my only minor gripe with the sound quality; the rest of the frequency spectrum were largely true to the original and did not disappoint me. There's even an enhancement in the bass, which I guess has got to do with the better fit and seal of customs. It is now just right for me. As for comparison with customs from other companies, I'm not in a position to do so as this is my first. All in all, I would heartily give this particular customs route my humble endorsement; plus you get the great service from Aron. Go ahead, take the plunge!
  4. That's really fast. And the clear ES2 wires are a plus. Looking forward to collection date.
  5. Hi Aron, I'm e guy who ordered the custom ER4-S. Will it be included in the shipment that will likely arrive next week? Thanks.
  6. As mentioned, do shoot me your offers. Thanks. Contact: 96726332
  7. a6laze


    Helping a friend to sell his UM2: Hi everyone selling my westone UM2 comes with full box and receipt deal asap $280 thanks everyone 9-6-2-1-1-8-7-3 Bought on Jan 09 Warranty 7mth left. Another 1 yr if you register it online.
  8. Selling my beloved ER4-P as I'm planning to go the customs route. This IEM is still regarded as the most accurate and neutral IEM, barring the ER4-S (can't be used portably sans an amp). There's a very good reason why Etymotic Research has not come up with any new flagship product in close to 20 years--you don't change a winning formula. =) All original accessories (filter changing tool, pouch, 1/4inch adapter, shirt-clip) and user guide included except the box. There's one pair of tri-flanges (new), one pair of bi-flanges (washed thoroughly), 5 pairs of black foamies (new), and 4 pairs (8 pieces) of unused filters (not including the pair already fitted in which is as new). It's very well-maintained and in mint condition; 9/10 (only because it's used). Pictures (high resolution) available here. (4 pairs of unused filters are in the storage compartment of the filter-changing tool; user guide not shown) Price: $190 Contact: 96726332
  9. a6laze


  10. If triflanges don't fit, you can easily mod them to biflanges.
  11. I already noticed it some time back but I was using the ER4 predominantly so it wasn't a problem as I could just use the left earpiece for my right ear and vice versa. But things changed when I started using the SE530, to which the aforementioned cannot be done.
  12. Yup I guessed so too. THanks guys.
  13. The internal battery is not new but not that old. Besides, I seldom use this amp; so it's kinda puzzling.
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