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  1. sorry about the late reply ... the sarotech is found on the 6th floor SLS ... they are demo-ing it on a LCD TV ... u can't miss it .. especially the red sarotech
  2. cool! ... thanks for the tip... any idea where can i purchase the above mentioned HDD/MP3 enclosure...in Singapore? ... the cheapest MP3/HDD enclosure that can play direct is around S$249 (w/o HDD) cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if its worth the trouble to get those DIVX HDD cases (Those with the ability to play MP3, DIVX video without the use of the computer) and just hook it up to a Headphone Amp or a Amp for audio alone ... i've seen two types of cases sold at Sim Lim Square so far these are the models that i've checked out so far anyone can give some opinions on the idea of turning a MP3 collection to play directly on your amp w/o the use of a computer (or a portable MP3 player for that matter) http://www.mvixusa.com/product.php?product=mv5000r http://www.sarotech.com/english/cgi/pd.cgi?cmd=view&rno=26 These will probably set u back around 200-high 300s SGD w/o the harddisk thanks for the comments
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