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  1. Hi to All, I'm looking for little dot 2 headphone amp, please message me at 98270881, your asking price and condition of amp. Thank you
  2. Hi to All, Good day!, newbie to headphone, currently i have a hifi setup of both solid state and tube amplifier no headphone out, but want to try the headphone for private listening (sometimes wife complaining music too loud) . For headphone amp I read about the little dot II where can i find it and roughly around how much the price, and also for headphone (close ear) my budget is around S$120 need your recommendation usually listened to vocals, instrumentals and also like those music with deep bass. I saw audio technica at best denki price around S$40+ how it perform. For headphone amp can consider a second hand budget around S$100. No need DAC as I have a MSB DAC and X10D tube buffer. need you help thanks
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