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  1. Wow their promos are great, Thanks! I saw some reviews about tannoy and are pretty good about it Gonna do some research on Klipsch, is a new brand to me lol
  2. Hi All, I am not sure if I am consider an audiophile lol cos I am 1 hell of a noob Hope you guys could give me some advise, honest comments or any pointers on my topic I am doing some research on how to set-up a 2.1 channel in my own room (relatively small) As I am a Bass Junkie, Bass Fanatics or Whatever you call it lol, I am very interested in speakers and a sub-woofer which can deliver the 'punch'/ Deep 'tight' bass sound. Will be using it for Music, Movies and Games purposes Music Genres/ Albums which I usually listens to will be Linkin Park, Sound tracks like Advent Children (more towards orchestra mixed with metal), R&B, Drum & Bass and Trance During my research, what I found, hopefully will be suited to my "Deep Bass Taste" and yet still perform very well for music listening. I've come out with A pair of Quad 12L Speakers A Paradigm 10 inch PDR series sub-woofer Haven't decided on the AMP yet (care to advise? ) Already have a Pioneer DVD player The thing is, I am not sure if is a good combi, What's the price of a pair of Quad 12L and A Paradigm PDR series 10 inch Sub-woofer. What Amplifier I should get so to have the optimal performances Really need help, Please kindly advise Advance Thanks and Appreciation Jon
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