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    I don't have the time to go through them all, but my favorites include iGrado, Equation Audio RP21, Stax SR-001 MKII, JBL Reference 410, Roland RH50, Ultimate Ears Metro.fi 2 and my HD650's. My all time fav: HD25-1
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    Its going to take a while to go through them, but i love the Fiio Amp. For the bargain prize of 1 cent, it rules!
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    The odd DVD player here and there. Started on a Technics cassette deck (giving away my age).
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    Speakers: JBL TLX14, control 1, Tannoy, Misson, REL sub, B&W sub, B&W speakers. Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1
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    ipod nano - with - Dynaudio MC15 - or simply with my Metro.fi's
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    Team HD25-1

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  1. Thanks fpor your review. I find the HD201's old hat. If you're looking for a pair of cheap sennheiser headphoens, then go for the HD202 instead.
  2. My answer is; buy niether. If your leaning towards the Koos then cahnge yourchoice to the JBL 410 headphones. Brilliant, and will slay anything portable when it comes to deep bass. If your leaning towards the PX100 then go for the Grado iGrado instead. Its simply better than the PX100 in every respect.
  3. if you're looking for headphoens in partcular, then the Senheiser Hd 25-1 would be near perfect.
  4. the only real different is the XLR connection cables, rather than the Phono cables that you need for the MC15's. And the small plinths ... i don't know if they also come with the compacts. here are my babies. I've had them for less than a week. Excuse the mess.
  5. At $100 there are only 4 headphones i'd go for. 1) Grado SR60 2) Alsseandro MS1 (cross between Grado SR80 and SR125) 3) Equation Audio RP21 ( DJ headphones) 5) Denon AH-D1000 (forget about the new 1001 that's just a cosmetic change) - apart form my Roland RH50 headphones, they are THE most comfortable headphones i've EVER had. Style......amonst that lot, it'll have to be the Denon's. style Creative Aravana headphones http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZJZ7O...&sr=8-3&seller= i've only owned 2 pairs of Creative in my time, and in terms of sound, there won't be a 3rd purchase. I got the HQ1700 and the Aurvana dj headphones.... I forgot about the (Bling Bling) Ultrasone iCans. Midrange is recessed, but i love mine. One of the sexiest headphones ever i think!
  6. what ever you do, buy any pair of Ultimate Ears.... apart from the 5EB's because they're too heavy and the uncomfortable and the midrange is very much out of sync.
  7. I really fancy a pair of these myself. I was put off the by the twin driver unit of the Super.fi 5EB's though, and vowed "never again". I am curious about the Atrios nonetheless
  8. The cable near the each driver, has a short wire. place the cable over your ear, and use the wire to adjust for fitting. I have to add for all those who know me, i couldn't get on with the 5EB's at all. Too heavy and far too uncomfortable, and the midrange was far too unpredictable and unbalanced. I hope you enjoy them though!
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