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  1. should reach today. Its doing its destination scan already.
  2. If you are interested and like 90% getting just pm me And we will include your name in it. I'll only collect the 200 bucks once we got all 6 people. But I think we are freaking close.
  3. i will photocopy a receipt each, which can be used to RMA the earphones if they are under warranty (: confirmed by franck
  4. Hi guys, im trying to get hold on a pair of Westone 3 or UM3x, but am not willing to fork out the money to buy a brand new. So if any of you guys are selling a second hand set, or knows someone who might be interested, please feel free to sms 8222 0117 for offer and details. tanks!
  5. hey kids, i'm buying a set of earphones and i cannot decide between these 2. My price range is about 150 to 200 or of course anything below. And i'm pretty much new to these earphones stuff. So i hope the pros wouldn't mind guiding me to buying my set of earphones and hopefully i wouldn't regret. btw, i'm throwing in djays cos its within the range. Basically i'm looking for isolation comfort and sound quality, i'm those who prefers more bass but sound shouldn't be unclear or muddy. Thanks in advance!
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