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  1. Thank you guys but i thing im settled for Nuforce HDP and some denons 2000 witch i'll mod with recabling and better wood cups from lawtonaudio.
  2. I kinda did, i am now almost decided for Yulong dac/amp (he got some good reviews) and Denon ah-d5000.
  3. Hi to all, this is my first post, first of many to come. As i want to enter the world of great, inspirating sound, it was very hard for me to decide for the best music system in the budget (aprox 1000$). So i want to ask some people with vastly more experience than me whalt should i get. For now i have a decent system : HD555 (with removed foam from inside, sounds a lot better), xonar dX and my dad owns a pair of Bowers&Wilkins 683 and some nice Rotel amps and CD. Unfortunatly i can not afford those speakers for my room and i want to listen at night too. Now some info of my tastes and likings. My music: Well i listen to all kinds of music like rock (GunsNR, Led zepp, Pink F., Jethro Tull, Metallica, Ozzy), Buddha Bar collection, hip hop, jazz and not the least classical music. What i am looking for: very good soundstage with detailed and accurate sound. I also love extreme highs that make me shiver. And for my hip-hop and some rock i want to be able to listen a powerfull, detailed and beautiful bass. Now i know i need a DAC to process the sound coming from my spdif connector (flac files ftw) on my xonar dx card and a good amp. After reading the forum i put my eyes on the AKG 702 and Beyerdynamic DT 880-600ohm and also the little dot MK III, and have no idea for the DAC. Now i am VERY opened for other models, just to fit my 1000$ budget. Regards, Alex
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