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  1. i owned one for a few months too.. love it a lot.. especially the warm mids... not forgetting the DAC, its very good comparing it to its price... good buy..
  2. Amazing work.. Btw, I tried using a no cap LOD on my diymod but nothing really happen.. I connected it to a cmoy amp.. Izzit bcos the caps in the cmoy blocked the voltage?
  3. I'm withdrawing my orders.. I will be ordering on my own.: thanks and sorry..
  4. Ok.. btw u got pm regarding items not on the 1st post.. and i would like to order: 1x whiplash audio Twag v2 IEM cable 48' Switchcraft right angle plug 1x SCSCag wire 26 awg and maybe 1x Whiplash audio elite LOD w Blackgates Caps and may i know how many orders are there now? will my orders be able to reach the cap that u need? thanks!
  5. btw how much faster will this time be? bcos im enlisting in aug and i wan it before that time... izzit possible?
  6. hey bro.. i would like to ask if the cable can fit UM Mage?
  7. hey MrNobody, if there is an MO coming up im interested.. just to let u know.. thanks!
  8. hey bro... is the MO still on? or will there be any more MO coming up?
  9. when is the MO closing? i may be interested to get items...
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