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  1. K updates. Called up Jaben and Sinamex and both said they don't have the pro 550 =[ Is there absolutely no existing stocks in SG? Or do Audio Basic have them?
  2. K thx. Apparently stereo called me up today and said the distributor has no more stock for 550s but only got the 650 20th anniversary edition. Will check out your recommendation =o
  3. Do you know the exact store name? If not I might find sometime going there to find out myself. Anyways Stereo said the distributor didn't give them any reply due to restocking issues? They will get back to me on Friday instead.
  4. Update: Jus rang up stereo ion orchard. They will get back to me on the price and availability on Monday. In the meantime all opinions are still welcome.
  5. Mmm ok will call them up when they open up later in the morning. But well I might get the ebay one if the price isn't worth the warranty. =/ Cause I'm expecting around $300+ ish if sold by stereo =/ As for Jabens I saw their online store and didn't see any ultrasone products, but I guess there's no harm asking. Oh and I still welcome any better suggestions out there.
  6. Ok so I have been wanting to get this pair of headphones but have no idea where to buy them except on ebay. Which is priced at around SGD$266 (including shipping fee) Any suggestions where to get them at a lower price if possible? P.s. Checked stereo online store too but only found the hfi series.
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