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  1. Thanks for replying, You meant the headphones? I not very particular, just good enough for movies and reliable brand. Clarity and good sound rendition will be a bonus, dependong on price lor. Need 2 for me and wife. I just thought hat rs120 is easy because only one transmitter, won't take up too mush space. (and I only have one headphone jack) on myl plasma Any recommendation
  2. Hi, i am planning to buy wireless headphone, dont have to be the very sophisticated type, but i need 2 wireless headphone, with the convenience of just 1 transmistter. 1. i read that Seinnheisser Rs 120, is one good option. Can someone tell me where to get those? 2. i thinking of buying from Amazon, but i heard will have issues with the charging dock because of voltage. 3. are there equivalent options that are not too expensive? its mainly to use when my baby is asleep. jimmy
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