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  1. WTS: TDK ST-700 High Fidelity On-Ear Headphone (1 month old) Background Info: Bought on 11 Nov 2012. Letting it go because for funding for new headphone for studio recording. Asking Price: $80 (nego) Condition: Excellent. No scratches. Everything else is perfect. FULL BOX. PM me or sms me at 98554733. Warranty wise is about a year from date of purchase. Proof of purchase (receipt) will be provided for warranty if needed. Product info as following: ST700 High Fidelity A superior listening experience, anywhere The TDK Life on Record High Fidelity On-Ear Headphones take the premium personal listening experience to the streets. Balancing performance and design, these headphones deliver the ultimate in comfort and craftsmanship alongside portability and high fidelity. Whether you’re looking for the best personal listening experience at home, traveling, or out on the streets, the ST700 headphones deliver. As with all TDK products, these headphones are sonically optimized and mastered by our Audio Research Lab to deliver authentic sound, providing a superior acoustic experience for any genre, at any volume. These headphones not only provide the ultimate in sound, but also the best in fit and portability. Designed to deliver optimal fit and comfort, the unique folding design makes them perfect for life on the go. Crafted with superior materials and durable components, these TDK on-ear headphones boast a sleek, stylish look giving music enthusiasts a visually stunning audio accessory, without compromising either sound quality, durability, or comfort. Engineered using high performance 40mm drivers that deliver balanced sound with rich bass and pristine vocals Lightweight, low profile folding design is perfect for an active lifestyle or frequent travel Designed and crafted using superior materials and components that deliver a distinct look and enhanced durability Soft touch cushions ensure comfort during extended wear and an acoustic seal for blocking ambient noise BUMPZ BUMPZ BUMPZ BUMP BUMP BUMP
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